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A Day Trip to Versailles: A Photographic Stroll

The Palace of Versailles is easily the most opulent building in Europe!  What started as a hunting lodge, quickly became an extravagant home for the French royalty.  The palace and its beautiful grounds are now owned by the people of France.  Just a short train ride outside of Paris, we highly recommend a visit to this conveniently-located country estate.

When arriving, the crowds will be overwhelming.  However, the line moves quickly.  Spend some of your wait time by taking selfies, an absolute must before entering the Palace.

Rebekah & David at the Palace of Versailles

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The Riverside Market of Ljubljana

Whether in the States or overseas, one of my favorite thing in the world is going to markets!  I don’t care what kind they are, Christmas, food, flower, or arts and crafts markets, count me in.  I love viewing beautiful art made by local craftsmen, tasting food from chefs and buying fresh produce from local farmers.  I just love it!  I find it is one of the best ways to experience a local culture.

Riverside Market - Fresh Produce at the Riverside Market

Fresh Produce at the Riverside Market

David and I knew there was an extensive produce/flower market in Ljubljana from a Rick Steves show.  However, when our taxi driver took us from the bus station to our beautiful hotel, he told us about a food festival on Fridays called Open Kitchen.  Restaurants from all over town set up booths in the market area.  Thankfully, our stay included a Friday, so I could not imagine a better scenario!

Riverside Market - Crowds Enjoying the Friday Food Festival in Ljubljana's Riverside Market

Crowds Enjoying Open Kitchen in Ljubljana

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Two Nights in Durrës, Albania

Guest Blogger and my good friend, John Seale, took us to Vienna, Austria, after which he left the conventional European vacation behind with destinations in Kosovo and Albania. John is one of my frequent travel partners, from across Texas to the other side of the world (2 trips to Kenya). From Texas to Beyond is excited to bring you his unique perspectives on travel, along with some fascinating locations. Today, we conclude John’s four part series with his trip to Albania.

Albania has more tourism than neighboring Kosovo, but I had the pleasure of seeing it during a short add-on to my time with my wife and sister in Kosovo. Make sure you read my previous post for more information about the region and its history. Because of the common language and good roads, you can easily add a trip to Albania to your visit to Kosovo for a more unique experience! While Albania is a large country with acclaimed beaches and mountain villages, if you only have a short time, I think Durrës is well worth your visit.

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New Addition to From Texas to Beyond

From Texas to Beyond is growing! Rebekah and I are proud to introduce our little bundle of joy, Ephraim! After 50 hours of labor, he arrived on December 6th weighing 7 pounds and 3 ounces, and measured 20 inches long. Rebekah and I are so excited for our family’s new addition. We hope he will be a great travel blogger some day!

New Addition - Introducing Ephraim - Ephraim Shortly After Birth

Ephraim Shortly After Birth

Mom and son are now resting and recovering at home. This is a very exciting and exhausting time in our lives.

New Addition - Introducing Ephraim - Ephraim and Rebekah Going Home

Ephraim and Rebekah Going Home

During the next few weeks, our posting will be limited, as we take care of little Ephraim and adjust to being a family of 3. We have a few guest posts lined up, including the conclusion of John’s miniseries recounting his journeys to Vienna, Kosovo, and Albania.

Once life settles down a bit (if that is possible), Rebekah and I look forward to concluding our series on Ljubljana and sharing more of our trip through Slovenia and Croatia.

We would like to THANK YOU for all of your continued support!

New Addition - Introducing Ephraim - Ephraim's Second Day Home

Ephraim’s Second Day Home

Talk to you soon…


Why You Should Visit Kosovo: Day Trips from Prishtina

Guest Blogger and my good friend John Seale bring us a four part series on his recent journeys, beginning with a brief layover in Vienna, a look at Kosovo’s capital city, and continues today with day trips from Prishtina into the countryside of Kosovo. John is one of my frequent travel partners, from across Texas to the other side of the world (2 trips to Kenya). From Texas to Beyond is excited to bring you his unique perspectives on travel, along with some fascinating locations in Kosovo and Albania.

Prishtina is where you will most likely begin your vacation in Kosovo, but it isn’t where your trip should end. Add some day trips from Prishtina to your itinerary! The rest of the country has plenty to see and do, perhaps even more than the capital city. While Prishtina is a very cosmopolitan city, where the culturally Muslim population looks and behaves much like the rest of Europe, as you get out to the smaller cities you’ll find great diversity.

Kosovo has beautiful sights and wonderful culture. While getting around to these destinations can be challenging (see the previous post), if you make these journeys, you will be rewarded handsomely.

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