Today we are taking a “break” and I want to introduce to you what, behind the scenes, we have been calling “Feature Friday”.

Every week, we’re bringing you content and that’s all well and good, but we thought it best to interrupt that normal content and shake things up a bit. I am now so happy to introduce “Feature Friday”.

When we first started this joint venture, we decided it would be good to know what each other is passionate about and our interests. Yes, we are all interested in travel and love to explore new places, but what else did we have in common? That led to each of us intentionally writing a list of topics that we are interested in and sharing them in more detail with each other. We did this at the very beginning, before even launching our blog but didn’t really have a plan with how to use the information.

As we started talking more and more about scheduling and strategies that we had found or read were effective, we began to think about how we could use the information about our interests to our advantage. As a way to incorporate those interests, and so that you can learn a little more about us individually, we thought we would start a series where each author could have the freedom to write about whatever they wanted. You’ll hear from each of us monthly and our features will provide an outlet of sorts to get to know each of us more individually. Don’t worry, each feature will somehow tie into our overall theme of travel and/or Texas!

We hope you enjoy these glimpses into our lives, our interests and thoughts outside of the regularly scheduled programming.

Thanks for reading, commenting, and being a fan of From Texas to Beyond. We are so glad you are a part of our journey.IMG_1250