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Český Krumlov Castle – Overview & Tour

Perched high on a cliff above the Old Town is the imposing Český Krumlov Castle, constructed to control an important river crossing on the Vltava below.  The Round Tower pierces the sky with its pastel-colored Renaissance façade.  Cross the draw bridge over the bear pits at the entrance, and walk steadily uphill through a sequence of courtyards until you cross a multi-leveled bridge and reach a Baroque theater.  Pleasant English and French style gardens add one additional layer of sophistication to the experience.

The Round Tower from the Courtyard

The Round Tower from the Courtyard

If you find yourself in Český Krumlov, this Castle and the complimenting beauty of its surroundings is likely what brought you here.  The best word I can find for this UNESCO World Heritage Site is picturesque!  There are no words, no pictures that can accurately capture the splendor of this small town in the southwest corner of the Czech Republic.

Well, now that I have set myself up with an impossible task, let me tell you more about this place…with words and pictures. Continue reading

Pension U Zámku

Rebekah and I absolutely loved our stay at Pension U Zámku! Our amazing experience started immediately upon arrival at the Český Krumlov train station.

Courtyard Under the Tower

Courtyard Under the Tower

When finalizing our reservation over email, the pension owner Petr offered to pick us up at the train station. We gladly accepted! Rebekah and I were greeted with big smiles by Petr and his little daughter. This warm welcome made us immediately feel at home in the small Czech town, like extended family returning from a long absence. This kindness saved us a 20 minute walk or the cost of a taxi.

Location: Pension U Zámku is situated DIRECTLY under the Round Tower. With only one day in this quaint location, we paid only slightly more to stay in the heart of the town. This prime location provides quick access to all of Český Krumlov,  both the Old Town and Castle Town. The entrance to Český Krumlov Castle is only one minute away. Continue reading

Český Krumlov Town Overview

After two full days enjoying Prague, the capital city of the Czech Republic, Rebekah and I were looking forward to a change of pace as we explored a small portion of the Czech countryside!

We boarded a train at Praha Hlavní Nádraží Train Station in Prague’s New Town, and were on our way to Český Krumlov, a small town located in the Bohemian area of the Czech Republic.

With an early departure, we wanted to make sure we had everything prepared.  The day before our departure we purchased one-way tickets for 240 Crowns each, roughly $11.50.  Overall, we found the rail tickets  to be very reasonable as long as we did not cross country lines, which can escalate the prices.

The four hour train trip was comfortable.  Rebekah LOVES trains, and this leg of the trip was a highlight as we watched the Czech countryside pass before our eyes!  The only disturbance from the peaceful views was a large group of college-aged students having an overtly good time with alcohol.  We changed trains once in České Budějovice, where we found the locals extremely helpful in successfully making our connection.

At 1:00 PM, we arrived in the Český Krumlov! The main attraction of Český Krumlov is the town itself, dominated by its imposing Castle.  We loved exploring this UNESCO World Heritage Site!  Český Krumlov is situated on a double oxbow on the Vltava River, with the Castle Town occupying the larger oxbow, and the Old Town occupying the smaller oxbow.

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Millennium Park

IMG_0868No trip to Chicago is complete without a stroll through Millennium Park; it is a beautiful place full of various art pieces, interesting architecture, lots of tourists, and immaculate landscaping that provides some green around the city concrete.

I would venture to guess that every trip we made into the city, we would at least stop by Millennium Park. Situated on Michigan Avenue between Randolph Street (to the north) and Monroe Street (to the sought), Millennium Park would always catch my eye on our walks. Its location lends itself for a pass through, and it’s not something we usually “plan” to visit, but I love it for the breath of fresh air, especially if its on your way!

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In Case You Missed It…Houston

Every couple weeks we’ll be collecting links from past posts grouped together by location; we thought it handy to have everything in one convenient location as you plan your upcoming travels. We just finished a short series on Houston, so here’s your recap:

The Menil Collection: Great architecture and artwork awaits discovery in downtown Houston at The Menil Collection. Best of all, the entire experience is free!

Cy Twombley Gallery: As part of The Menil Collection in Houston, the Cy Twombly Gallery is a second structure designed by Renzo Piano filled with massive artworks by Cy Twombly

Sudie’s Catfish House: If you have a catfish hankerin, go nowhere else but Sudie’s Catfish House; you will never want to go anywhere else!

8th Wonder Brewery: 8th Wonder Brewery and their delicious Vietnamese coffee porter, Rocket Fuel, make for a great brewery visit in downtown Houston.

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