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Method Coffee

The last leg of our day trip to Deep Ellum took us just north of the neighborhood to Method Coffee.

Method Coffee 6

Matt and I have gotten into a habit of trying to explore new coffee shops or bakeries when we have some down time. With the baby in tow, it is the perfect way to get out of the house and try something new. Needing a final stop for our day in Dallas, Matt suggested Method Coffee. We hadn’t been before, but had heard about it and driven by, so we were excited to add it to the agenda.

Even after a long day of standing in line for BBQ at Pecan Lodge, enjoying the brews at Deep Ellum Brewing Co., and generally being in the heat, Method was a welcome haven for tasty drinks, air conditioning, and great conversation about the direction of From Texas to Beyond.

Method Coffee 8Method Coffee is nestled in between Deep Ellum, Bryan Place, and Old East Dallas neighborhoods at the intersection of Ross Ave. and Hall Street. With a large sign on the side of the building, it isn’t easily missed. Inside, the cozy atmosphere seats about 20 people. The seating arrangements aren’t meant for larger groups, but it seemed a popular place for individuals to be productive whether they were there to read, work, or visit with a friend.

Don’t expect to see the menu overhead, instead you’ll take in the ambiance of the brick wall with neat shelving that features some of the various methods they use to make coffee. The baristas were exceptional–they were attuned to the various methods of coffee making and explained very clearly the tasting notes that you might get should you choose to order your coffee via Chemex or Kyoto cold brew. A very small menu is available on the counter where you can select your coffee, chat with the barista, and pay for your item(s). As patrons, we were very impressed with their knowledge, passion, and dedication to delicious coffee, a hallmark you don’t usually see unless you’re in a specialty shop.

Method Coffee 12

Coffee Flight

Noticing the option for a “coffee flight”, Matt and I chose our standard cappuccino and the flight with the options for an espresso, the Yama (or Kyoto–a Japanese method for brewing coffee), house brewed kombucha, and the traditional drip coffee. Yeah, we knew we’d be loaded up with caffeine, but one thing is for certain, we take advantage of the offerings when we’re at a coffee house! David and Rebekah shared a chai tea latte and obviously, their hearts weren’t racing as much on the ride home.

Chai Tea Latte

Chai Tea Latte

Of the options we chose, my favorite by far was the kombucha–yeah–not even the coffee! I’ve only recently started to enjoy kombucha so I was surprised I enjoyed it as much as I did, but with the tastes of basil, citrus, and cucumber infused into the fermented tea, it was the most refreshing drink. Matt enjoyed the cappuccino the best: it was simple, smooth, and well made with beautiful artwork. David and Rebekah had samples of our drinks as well, but really loved the chai’s fullness of flavor, including the extra hints of cardamom.

If you’re in the neighborhood, and interested in trying a craft coffee house, we completely recommend Method Coffee.



Deep Ellum Brewing Company

During our time in Deep Ellum, one of the main attractions I was looking forward to was Deep Ellum Brewing Company. During my time away from the DFW area, I heard many good things about this brewery. It had become popular for many reasons: they are in the trendy Deep Ellum area, they serve craft beer, and they have been around for a little while; but most of all, I’d heard how good their beer was. So, I knew this is where I wanted to go.deep ellum brewery logo

Deep Ellum Brewing is a wonderful brewery that proudly celebrates the Deep Ellum neighborhood. They are not without their controversy over their popular Dallas Blonde beer and the logo, but this brewery has grown to be one of the biggest and most well respected in North Texas.

After we enjoyed some amazing BBQ at Pecan Lodge, we headed over to the brewery to see what all the fuss is about. Here is what we found:deep ellum brewery rubric

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Pecan Lodge – Deep Ellum

Pecan Lodge 7I am so excited to share my first barbecue post with y’all.  The tasting was a collaborative effort from all of the writers at From Texas To Beyond.  We had a little outing over to Deep Ellum Dallas and knew we needed to try Pecan Lodge.  We had heard a lot of good things and we were not disappointed.

Coming from Central Texas, my standards for barbeque is quite high.  I love the traditional German meat market style where the pits are visible to all and the walls are stained in smoke.   Many places you have to go through two lines to get your meal: one line for meat and one line for everything else.  I even grew up eating my cousin’s homemade deer and pork sausage which will always be my favorite.  When I moved up to North Texas, we found some good BBQ joints, but Pecan Lodge has come the closest to Central Texas BBQ!  I would go quite often if it wasn’t an hour away from my home.  Maybe that is a good thing. Continue reading

Welcome to Deep Ellum: Our Day Trip Overview

From Texas to Beyond was about to publish our 100th article, and the four of us were looking for an excuse to celebrate a bit. Well, what better way to celebrate than a trip! Since we didn’t have an all-inclusive trip to an international resort in the budget this year, we decided on a day trip to Deep Ellum.

Welcome To Deep Ellum

Welcome To Deep Ellum

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Lakewood Brewing Company

A few weeks ago, I was presented with another free Saturday, as Rebekah was working. After a great time the previous month checking out some new Fort Worth-area breweries, Shannon Brewing Company and Bearded Eel Craft Brewery (now closed permanently), I knew it was time to trek to the Dallas side of the craft beer scene. I met up with my good friend J-Higs, and had a tasty beer crawl across the eastern part of the Metroplex starting at Lakewood Brewing Company in Garland, and  finishing at FireWheel Brewing Company (now closed permanently), 20 minutes east in Rowlett.

First on the agenda, Lakewood Brewing Company. I had heard great things about this brewery, and I remembered enjoying its flagship beer: The Temptress. This brewery, producing great beer since 2011, is becoming big in the Texas craft beer scene and I wanted to know more!

Exterior of Lakewood Brewing Company

Let’s take a look at Lakewood Brewing based on our Brewery Grading Scale. Continue reading

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