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In Case You Missed It…Houston

Every couple weeks we’ll be collecting links from past posts grouped together by location; we thought it handy to have everything in one convenient location as you plan your upcoming travels. We just finished a short series on Houston, so here’s your recap:

The Menil Collection: Great architecture and artwork awaits discovery in downtown Houston at The Menil Collection. Best of all, the entire experience is free!

Cy Twombley Gallery: As part of The Menil Collection in Houston, the Cy Twombly Gallery is a second structure designed by Renzo Piano filled with massive artworks by Cy Twombly

Sudie’s Catfish House: If you have a catfish hankerin, go nowhere else but Sudie’s Catfish House; you will never want to go anywhere else!

8th Wonder Brewery: 8th Wonder Brewery and their delicious Vietnamese coffee porter, Rocket Fuel, make for a great brewery visit in downtown Houston.

8th Wonder Brewery

While visiting Houston a few weekends ago, I wanted to meet with some friends on a Sunday afternoon.  Rebekah was practicing for a choir concert, so I had some time to kill.

I thought it would be fun to meet Isaac and Jessica in downtown Houston for a beer.  Wanting to find a brewery that was open on a Sunday afternoon, I used my newly-created Texas Craft Brewery List.  Within a few clicks, I had found a match.  8th Wonder Brewery met all my requirements, mainly, a brewery open on a Sunday producing Texas Craft Beer.  While I came in with low expectations and knowing nothing about the brewery, I quickly found this place to be awesome!

If you love Houston, you will love this brewery.  If you don’t love Houston, you will still probably love this brewery.  But if you love Houston sports and Texas Craft Beer, you will be in heaven!

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Sudie’s Catfish House

A couple of weeks ago, David and I went to Pasadena and Deer Park, TX.  We traveled there to be able to honor a beloved teacher in a retirement celebration.  I have never been able to share that area of Texas with David, so it was a special time for me in many ways.  We drove by my old schools and the house I grew up in, and forgotten memories flooded my mind and heart.  I am sure I did not stop talking for hours…But David is used to this by now…

5 Piece Fried Catfish Dinner

5 Piece Fried Catfish Dinner

One of the places I knew I had to take David was Sudie’s Catfish House.  I tell you there is no better place to eat catfish in the world, or at least that I know of, than Sudie’s.  I remember as a little girl, my family saw the structure built and wondered what it was going to be.  We all had theories, but alas, the sign was installed, a catfish house!

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Cy Twombly Gallery

Located across Branard Street from the The Menil Collection, a small stone building with an interesting roof showcases works from American painter and sculptor Cy Twombly. Stepping inside the peacefully quiet Cy Twombly Gallery, it seems impossible that you are still in Houston!

The Entrance

Cy Twombly began an interesting career in art in the mid-1950s. With plenty of modern art movements around him in New York City, Cy created his own distinctive brand of art. Words such as “free scribble” and “graffiti” are often used to describe his works. Born in the United States, Twombly chose to live in Europe for the majority of his professional career, dying in Rome in 2011.

In general, you will probably love his art, or you will hate it.

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The Menil Collection

Although I called Houston home for the first 18 years of my life, my first trip to The Menil Collection was on a college architectural field trip. Growing up, my family had always visited the more popular Museum of Fine Arts, Houston. I was surprised to find such a gem in my hometown!

Curved Roof Panels

Curved Roof Panels

On this first trip, my classmates and I examined this thoughtful building. Renowned architect Renzo Piano designed the main building, as well as the adjacent Cy Twombly Gallery. Piano also designed the recent expansion of the Kimbell Art Museum in Fort Worth. The challenge of any art museum is bringing natural light inside to illuminate the artwork without damaging them with harmful UV rays. At The Menil, Piano used curved roof panels to safely direct and filter the light into the spaces below, creating a distinctive rhythm throughout the structure. In addition to the roof panels, I love the long wood plank flooring that make the galleries seem even longer. The heavy wearing of the wood reveals the countless number of people who have enjoyed this space previously.

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