A long standing family tradition when I lived in San Antonio was going to Alamo Café. It is one of those places that I hold near and dear to my heart but there are times when I need to just take an honest look at a restaurant that I have gone to for years and evaluate the relationship. Growing up, Alamo Café was one of those places that was reasonable for family of four, yet you were still going to get a good meal. From my earliest memories, it has always been one of the most popular restaurants in San Antonio. There are many times when you can just expect to wait at least 15 minutes. They have two locations, one in central San Antonio and one in the Northwest side. Both are busy…always. The central location is the one we would go to the most and it is also the newer location with a nice patio area and a small “field” for the kids to run around. Alamo Café also offers many catering opportunities and is frequently used to hold big parties or gatherings.

As I have moved away from this place, I can feel my stomach yearn for its food. It calls to me. Alamo Café is one of those places that reminds me of home and family. It has many great memories. But as I think of it after our last visit and think honestly of a review, I have to evaluate a restaurant that I know I enjoy for many reasons, but is only average at best.


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