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A Day Trip to Versailles: A Photographic Stroll

The Palace of Versailles is easily the most opulent building in Europe!  What started as a hunting lodge, quickly became an extravagant home for the French royalty.  The palace and its beautiful grounds are now owned by the people of France.  Just a short train ride outside of Paris, we highly recommend a visit to this conveniently-located country estate.

When arriving, the crowds will be overwhelming.  However, the line moves quickly.  Spend some of your wait time by taking selfies, an absolute must before entering the Palace.

Rebekah & David at the Palace of Versailles

The Palace of Versailles:

On your way through the halls of Versailles, catch a glimpse inside the Royal Chapel.  The stunning interior is surprisingly free of furniture and tourists.

The Royal Chapel of Versailles

After the peace of the Royal Chapel, prepare yourself for throngs of tourists.  The most famous of the rooms in the Palace is the magnificent Hall Of Mirrors.  This Hall is where World War I officially ended.

The Hall of Mirrors

The Gardens:

If gaudy palaces and throngs of people have become overwhelming, step outside into Versailles’ famous gardens.  This manicured natural setting is filled with fountains and pavilions, such as the neoclassical Temple Of Love.  Under the center of the dome stands a sculpture of Cupid.

Cupid and the Temple of Love

Our favorite part of visiting Versailles was wandering through the Domain of Marie Antoinette.  This section of the gardens feature a collection of fanciful cottages, lakes and vineyards.  It is here where the Royal family could further escape the political pressures of the main palace.

Vineyards in the Domain of Marie Antoinette

One of the most usual of the fairy tale “peasant cottages” in the Domain of Marie Antoinette is a lighthouse. While a bit ridiculous as no ships sail on this small pond, it is still a beautiful structure!

A Lighthouse-themed Cottage in the Domain of Marie Antoinette

With only four full days in Paris, Rebekah and I were happy to spend most of a day exploring Versailles’ extravagant and natural beauty!

For more recommendations and tips for your trip to Paris, check out our Paris City Overview post!

Have you been to Versailles?  What was your favorite part?


  1. Versailles would be a dream! The estate of Marie Antoinette is my favorite!

    • Versailles is quite an amazing place! We hope you get to walk the grounds of the Domain of Marie Antoinette very soon!

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