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New Addition to From Texas to Beyond

From Texas to Beyond is growing! Rebekah and I are proud to introduce our little bundle of joy, Ephraim! After 50 hours of labor, he arrived on December 6th weighing 7 pounds and 3 ounces, and measured 20 inches long. Rebekah and I are so excited for our family’s new addition. We hope he will be a great travel blogger some day!

New Addition - Introducing Ephraim - Ephraim Shortly After Birth

Ephraim Shortly After Birth

Mom and son are now resting and recovering at home. This is a very exciting and exhausting time in our lives.

New Addition - Introducing Ephraim - Ephraim and Rebekah Going Home

Ephraim and Rebekah Going Home

During the next few weeks, our posting will be limited, as we take care of little Ephraim and adjust to being a family of 3. We have a few guest posts lined up, including the conclusion of John’s miniseries recounting his journeys to Vienna, Kosovo, and Albania.

Once life settles down a bit (if that is possible), Rebekah and I look forward to concluding our series on Ljubljana and sharing more of our trip through Slovenia and Croatia.

We would like to THANK YOU for all of your continued support!

New Addition - Introducing Ephraim - Ephraim's Second Day Home

Ephraim’s Second Day Home

Talk to you soon…



  1. Huge congratulations from Alan & Lesley. We met in and around Dubrovnik earlier this year, and spent a really lovely evening at a wonderfully rustic restaurant overlooking a stunning sunset over Dubrovnik.

    We are so thrilled for you both and can’t wait to hear more about the baby and your reflections on Dubrovnik.

    Great news guys!!

    • Thank you so much Alan and Lesley! We are so excited to finally meet little Ephraim!

      Reflections of Dubrovnik will be coming in the next few months. I have most of my photos ready!

      When you visit the US to see the Grand Canyon, swing by Texas for a visit. We would love to introduce you both to our son!

  2. Congratulations!! Welcome to the world little Ephraim! =) 50 hours of labor .. I cannot even imagine that and do not even want to. Where did the name Ephraim come from?

    • Thank you so much, Jojo! We ended up loving the name Ephraim based on its meaning, “Fruitful.” We hope that he will love traveling as much as us!

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