Close to downtown Fort Worth is a wonderful coffee shop that is brewing up legit freshly roasted coffee. Buon Giorno coffee is a local coffeehouse and roaster that started in Grapevine in 2006 and later opened up a location in Fort Worth. Buon Giorno specializes is offering locals a taste of a European coffeehouse. This means not only roasting and serving coffee in a more traditional European, particularly Italian style, but offering a place  where the community can gather.

Buon Giorno specializes in two classic forms of coffee, Espresso and the French Press. They do also offer a variety of coffees that have been brewed using the slow drip method for those in a rush. If you are looking for a place to hangout , or meet someone, take a date, hear some live music, or use as an office, then Buon Giorno offers this setting.

Now on to the my analysis of the drinks. I try to grade a coffee house by selecting certain controls, aka wonderful coffee drinks; this includes a macchiato, cappuccino, and a typically a pour-over.  For Buon Giorno, we will look only at the cappuccino and macchiato as well as the atmosphere and a couple other notable mentions.macchiato

Macchiato: 4 (out of 5) – This reminded me of my time in Italy with David. It was very good and true to the style of Espresso you would find in Italy. It was bold and fairly strong, yet smooth. It was not so bold that it caused me to make a strong coffee face, but it was assertive. Even so, it was easy to drink and was full of flavor. The smokiness of the roasting process seemed to be prominent, yet it did not make you feel like you were drinking liquid smoke. It had rich flavors with a slight hint of chocolate. It also had an earthiness to it.  There was some nice bitterness that was associated with it. Overall, a very good and traditional taste.

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