What exactly is Texas beer?

If you believe the giant billboards you see while driving across our fine state, you may think Texas beer means Budweiser, Miller or Coors.  Not even close.

What about Lone Star Beer, the self-proclaimed “National Beer of Texas?”  Surely that must be Texas beer?  Nope.  Lone Star (as well as Pearl) is now owned by Pabst Brewing Co. of Los Angeles, California.  It is actually brewed in Fort Worth, but at the Miller plant.  Lone Star’s not exactly a Texas beer, and thank goodness.  It is horrible.  It kinda tastes like PBR for some reason…

Rahr’s Ugly Pug

Other popular beers in Texas are Mexican beers like Corona and Dos Equis.  I would not define these as Texan beers because even though they are popular, they are made in Mexico and distributed by Heineken of the Netherlands and Constellation Brands of New York, respectively.  Not Texan.

I would say the quintessential Texas beer is Shiner Bock, brewed in the small town of Shiner, Texas and owned by a San Antonio-based company.  There is no better companion for your Texas Pit Barbeque than a Shiner Bock!  Shiner Ruby Redbird features ginger and ruby red grapefruit from the Texas Valley and Shiner Cheer features Texas famous pecans and peaches.  And if you need a drink of Texas while abroad, you can now purchase Shiner across the United States.  However, do not be fooled.  Shiner Bock and Ziegenbock are totally different!  Ziegenbock is owned and distributed by Anheuser-Busch, commonly sold slightly cheaper than Shiner in an attempt to hurt the real Texas-based company.  Read more about this, and other Texas craft beer myths in this article.

However, there is so much more to Texas beer than Shiner.

Deep Ellum’s Dallas Blond

All across Texas, craft breweries are producing truly Texan beers.  When in Fort Worth, order Rahr’s Ugly Pug.  In Dallas, try a Deep Ellum IPA.  In Austin, give (512) Brewing’s Pecan Porter a go.  Passing through Houston?  Drink a Saint Arnold Fancy Lawnmower.

In the coming months, we will explore some of our favorite Texas craft breweries, as well as try some new ones.  By our count, there are more than 85 craft breweries in the Lone Star state.   The options are almost endless, with new brews and breweries popping up every month.  Each brewery is different, with unique beers and distinct experiences.  That is why we like to try them all!

We hope you find that Texas beer that was made just for your taste buds!

To assist your search for your favorite Texas brew, we compiled a list of craft breweries by region.

What is your favorite Texas beer?  Share with us in the comments section!

(512)'s Pecan Porter

(512)’s Pecan Porter

Saint Arnold’s Fancy Lawnmower