Texas Craft Beer is blowing up!  The options are almost endless, with new brews and breweries popping up every month.  Each brewery is different, with unique beers and distinct experiences. And we want to try them all, right?  Right.  And with our Texas Craft Brewery List, that goal just got easier!

I tried to find a current comprehensive list of all craft breweries in Texas, and failed.  Thinking I might not be alone in this search, I had the great idea to come up with my own list. The only problem, I greatly underestimated the number of craft breweries in Texas.  By my count, there are 128 breweries currently operating in Texas, with more breweries trying to open their doors.  128 breweries!  That is huge.  And I am not including gastropubs, places that brew small quantities of beer to sell along with their food options.  I will have to make a second list of these in the future. We hope you find this resource a helpful tool for your quest to find your favorite Texas brew.

A few notes about our Texas Craft Brewery List:
  1. The list of breweries is broken down by geographic region.
  2. Tried and True: Breweries in italics indicates that at least one of From Texas to Beyond’s authors have sampled this brewery’s beer.
  3. Been There. Done That.: Breweries in bold and italics indicates that at least one of From Texas to Beyond’s authors have visited this brewery.
  4. We will update this list as new breweries open.
  5. If you have any modifications to this list, please email me directly at david@fromtexastobeyond.com. We appreciate any help in making this list a great tool for all to use!
  6. I have compiled our Texas Craft Brewery List from multiple different sources and personal research.  Feel free to use this list, but please be kind and cite our page as your source.
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The Texas Craft Brewery List was last updated on May 15, 2017.