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Local, Near and Far: Our journey of exploring the world.

About Us

At From Texas to Beyond, we hope to share our stories, adventures and photography that take place away from home, both domestically and internationally, with the primary goal of assisting others as they prepare to take on new experiences themselves.

Greetings! We are Rebekah and David. Before meeting, we loved to travel. In 2012 we married in a small church in the Texas countryside, and have been traveling together ever since. Each extra moment we have, we take off near or far to learn and experience new things. Whether it be a nearby town, a neighboring state, or out of the country, we are always game for an adventure. As we travel, regardless of the location, we see people in the same pursuit: loving their family, finding happiness, seeking purpose and recovering from tragedy. All of us have similar passions, regardless of our cultures. However, the way people achieve these pursuits is so different. This is what makes cultures fascinating. It is addicting really… who will we meet next? What beautiful scene is unfolding around the next corner, in the next city, in the next country? We must find it! Come find it with us!

To learn more about us, click on Rebekah or David.

David & Rebekah at the Palace of Versailles

David & Rebekah at the Palace of Versailles




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